Liski Group Oy

Mechanical design and product development

Mechanics and product development professional

Cost awareness in both the product and the product development project


Mechanical design and product development

  • We have a strong experience in design and product development
  • Our specialty is mechanical design in the healthcare industry

Project management and head design

  • Specializing in healthcare product development
  • References e.g. mechanics of operating tables, ophthalmic lasers, magnetic resonance imaging equipment

Product transfer to production

  • Transfer of the product to production
  • Wide understanding of manufacturing methods
  • Clear production instructions


  • The correct manufacturing method for the product and its parts
  • Changes to design because of the manufacturing and assembly

Clinical assessment of the need to use a medical device

  • The evaluation of the medical device should be done at the beginning of the project

  • Our clinical experts evaluate the product and make possible development proposals



  • Wide network of various manufacturers
  • Equipment assemblies
  • Motto: “What is designed is also assembled”

References – our clients are top professional in their fields


  • Valon Lasers Oy – Meridian AG
  • Merivaara Oy
  • Sharkmedical Oy
  • Simeon Medical GmbH
  • Väinö Korpinen Oy
  • CutoSense Oy
  • Philips Medical MR imaging
  • Mariachi Oy
  • Mittametalli Oy
  • Medinoa Oy
  • Elfving Signum Oy
  • ISO 13485 is a quality standard for healthcare equipment. It is based on the ISO 9001 quality system, but ISO 13485 is higher and more accurate.

  • The quality agreement is a guarantee of compliance with the customer’s quality system.
  • Liski Group can make an ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 quality agreement.

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Kimmo Liski

  • Entrepreneur, the owner of Liski Group Oy
  • 30 years of experience in product development
  • 25 years of experience in healthcare product development